Sponsored Athletes Vanessa Suarez & Nick Soto

August 13, 2015 1:32 pm

The Yielding Seed team wants to highlight two of our sponsored athletes, Vanessa Suarez and Nick Soto, who are also respectable and skilled fitness trainers in the vibrant city of Miami! This power couple has expertise in their respective training areas and the impact of their effective programs has positively transformed the lives of many.

Vanessa uses her strong skill set to empower women regarding their physical health, while also encouraging them to never give up when working for their dream body. Just recently, she teamed up with fellow Miami trainer, Venus Lacalamita to create their own training plan called VSquared Method, which concentrates on “tha booty”, as well as the core and upper body regions. In these intense “booty camp” classes, you can expect to build up a great sweat and feel your muscles working with every movement. With one workout at a time, the fit beauties aim to motivate women, boost up their confidence, and increase their self-esteem.

When Vanessa finishes her fitness sessions, she can be found working alongside her husband Nick, who is the founder of Elite U Fitness. Being the Head Strength & Conditioning Director, Nick’s athletic background and thriving experience with professional, college and youth athletes, makes him one of the best corrective exercise specialists in the Florida community.

We are honored to be a part of this dynamic duo’s healthy and fit lifestyle by providing them with our Green Soul Food meals and detox juice cleanses!

Vanessa Suarez The Yielding Seed with Vanessa Suarez

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